I initially contacted Brenda because I thought she could perhaps see my mother, who is a hospice patient without much time left. I didn’t think my mom would go for it but wanted to find out if Brenda would be willing to travel to us (she is) before presenting the idea to my mom. My mom is fairly close-minded so I have yet to bring this up to her; however, as I deal with my own feelings and grief over this impending loss I told Brenda I may be interested in coming to her for my own session. She agreed to see me and I’ve now had two sessions with her and have a 3rd scheduled for Monday.
I did not go into this a skeptic; however, I’m still amazed by the results I’ve had thus far. I am usually unable to sense energy so I thought I’d probably experience some benefits without necessarily feeling much (or anything). I was wrong, though! In my sessions I felt many different sensations. My body reacted physically during the session even though Brenda wasn’t touching me. I even opened my eyes a few times because I was convinced she was, in fact touching me. I’ve seen great improvement in my insomnia/anxiety problems since my first session and felt a calmness/peace I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced.
I was a little nervous going when I first went to Brenda because I didn’t know her, have never tried Reiki before, and am not generally comfortable with people I don’t know. However, I felt immediately at ease in Brenda’s presence. I’m comfortable speaking to her honestly and letting her guide me in our sessions. Brenda sincerely wants to help and support those who need it. She even worked with my cat and I’ve seen some major improvements in his behavior since then. I’m very grateful to have found Brenda and already think the world of her. I’d recommend Brenda to anyone who is interested in utilizing her services as a Reiki practitioner and/or animal communicator. She is fantastic!



“Brenda is wonderful. Any doubt that I may have had about her really contacting my Dimitri was erased when I read the answers she got from Dimitri. Only Dimitri has that subtle sense of humor and dignity. Brenda’s communications with my Dimitri and her kindness and professionalism has helped me heal a very broken heart. Tho’ we have never met in person, I look upon Brenda as a trusted friend and caring person. ”

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Purz (Jan)

“On Feb. 5th, 2007, my cat Purz had to be PTS, and then someone told me about Pet Communicators. I was given Brenda’s e-mail address so I e-mailed her asking her to communicate with my Purz and included a photo of him. I’m very grateful to Brenda for taking the time out her busy schedule, to do that for me, and I’ll never forget it. And she made Purz feel so comfortable that he even dictated a letter for her to give to me. She said that was something that she had never experienced before. She made me feel better about Purz’s passing , I would highly recommend pet communication for believers. Brenda has kindly agreed to communicate with him in the future. ”


Bear’s “Ma”

“Brenda’s reading for me was so specific it took me totally by surprise. Brenda spoke with Bear and Bear came through beyond ANY shade of doubt. Without going into detail, I would recommend Brenda 100% to anyone who wishes to contact a beloved companion. Brenda, thank you so much for helping me understand, and know my boy is O.K. ”

Sincerely, Grace