Reiki For All Beings

Brenda Strong

I began my current spiritual journey with a tragic "bump in the road" that served to wake me up.  My brother died under extremely trying circumstances which left the remainder of my family in a state of shock, grief and horror.  A friend of mine, Lynn Boggess -, is a Reiki Master, and while I didn't really know what that meant, I had sent a couple people to her for help in the past.  I knew I needed help to deal with all the emotions I was experiencing so I set up an appointment for a Reiki session.

That was the beginning of a series of life-changing events for me.  As time passed and I learned more about Reiki, I truly felt I was waking up and even more, remembering things I've always known.  I felt drawn to study Reiki.  It helped me through the grief and anger of my brother's death.  The more I studied and read and practiced, the more I wanted to learn. 

About a year after I began with Reiki, Lynn asked me what my goal was regarding Reiki.  At that time, I did not feel compelled to work with people as a Reiki practitioner.  I had, however, been giving Reiki to one of my cats regularly since I learned how to do it.  I was drawn to work with animals.  Lynn was very encouraging and supportive.  She also mentioned something I'd never heard of - animal communication!  What a thought!  Being able to converse with my animals!?!  I began devouring books on animal communication, books written by animal communicators, and general animal behavior books. 

I discovered Carol Gurney, the author of one of the communication books I really enjoyed, was going to teach a introductory class on animal communication in Charlottesville, VA, and signed up immediately.  It was a great weekend, filled with wonderful experiences and validation for me that I really CAN communicate with animals!  Since that time, I've taken classes from Patty Summers and Karen Wrigley.  But even more importantly, I've practiced, practiced and practiced.

I find Reiki and Animal Communication work very well together.  While communicating with an animal, I always offer her Reiki.  The Reiki strengthens our connection and the animals always appreciate the Reiki energy.  As I became more comfortable giving Reiki to animals, I realized that many times, the human companions would also benefit from receiving Reiki energy so I incorporated Reiki sessions for humans into the services I offer.  From there, it was a very natural progression to offer it to any being - human, domesticated animal or wild animal - that desired a holistic approach to healing.

I cannot adequately express, in written word, the many blessings I have experienced since I started this journey with Reiki.  If you have any questions regarding Reiki or Animal Communication or my gifts, please feel free to contact me.

Take care,
Brenda Strong